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Bored of Happy Birthday and Sorry You're Leaving, the brain-child of Party Bloopers, Elin, yearned for more. She longed for a day where Happy Fucking Birthday and Good Riddance graced the walls of parties around the World in solidarity against the mundane.


So PLEASE LEAVE BY 9 was born. This is the baby of Party Bloopers and remains our very best-seller, closely followed by FUCKING FINALLY (You anti-social, impatient bastards).

The collection along with the vulgarity blossomed into more than 85 rude, crude and downright hilarious party banners that you see today. The collection is constantly growing, many due to the innovations of our obscene customers!


So have a browse, see what you love and whatever you do, don't forget to use #PartyBloopers on your party pics, we love living vicariously through you.

Now get the hell outta here, obscenity awaits...

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